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Wedding FAQs

Q. Are the digital files included with my wedding package?
A. Yes. I archive the images to DVD for you to have, edit and print.
Q. Do you like shooting weddings?
A. Yes. It's wonderful to work with people on the happiest day of their lives. I do my best to provide everything the bride and groom could want photographically so that they can remember their special day forever.
Q. What photography equipment do you use?
A. Tools are best judged by their functionality and how they allow the professional to work. I am most comfortable with the Pentax system, though I've also used Nikon, Canon, Sony and other brands. My first professional camera was purchased in 1992 and I've used several film bodies over the years, which has evolved to using digital equipment. Lenses I own range from 10mm (fisheye) to 300mm (telephoto), and I can borrow/rent others as needed. With a 2x doubler and the 1.5x digital crop factor, I have the equivalent range of 15mm to 900mm, allowing a huge range of possibilities.
Q. What computer equipment do you use?
A. I built my own PC several years ago, and continue to upgrade it to maximize my efficiency. I've used every version of Windows, and am now enjoying Windows 8. I often favor open source tools, and rely on Gimp, FastStone Image Viewer and other tools.
Q. How much wedding experience do you have?
A. Since 1994, I've enjoyed photographing weddings for hundreds of clients on the west coast. Have a look at some of the highlights here.
Q. You photographed my wedding several years ago. Do you still have the negatives?
A. The Eternal Memories wedding package included the negatives. All other packages allowed you to purchase the negatives for an additional fee. I store all negatives for future re-orders and enlargements, so if you decide to purchase the negatives two years after your wedding date, I will still have them.

If you have any additional questions, please contact me.

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