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Betty & Hal
Sierra La Verne Country Club
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betty_hal_0105 betty_hal_0107 betty_hal_0111 betty_hal_0112 betty_hal_0114 betty_hal_0125 betty_hal_0128 betty_hal_0133 betty_hal_0202 betty_hal_0207 betty_hal_0210 betty_hal_0215 betty_hal_0217 betty_hal_0219 betty_hal_0220 betty_hal_0227 betty_hal_0232 betty_hal_0233 betty_hal_0303 betty_hal_0306 betty_hal_0316 betty_hal_0322 betty_hal_0323 betty_hal_0324 betty_hal_0329 betty_hal_0330 betty_hal_0402 betty_hal_0411 betty_hal_0412 betty_hal_0414 betty_hal_0420 betty_hal_0423 betty_hal_0426 betty_hal_0428

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